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Interview | This portfolio manager expects bull run trajectory in equity markets after consolidation of next 2-3 months

Feb 23, 2023 / 08:04 PM IST

Healthcare is a better space for an unlisted player than listed players, but if we see healthcare as a space on the listed side we still believe it's not cheap, as the competition is getting heavier and heavier.

“I believe this is one of the best times to accumulate great business, the stock doing all-time high, with the best QoQ and YoY numbers, with a turnaround story will make the best returns of all,” Rohan Mehta, CEO and Portfolio Manager at Turtle Wealth, says in an interview to Moneycontrol.

He believes that there can be two to three months of consolidation, and then we will see a bull run trajectory.

With 16 years of experience in the financial world, including 15 years of experience in managing more than $100 million assets, Mehta says that in the healthcare sector, MNC can be a very good bet to go ahead with as the valuation becomes better, but IT space still required two to three quarters to create great value, after that, it will be an interesting way to look at it, where the value will be higher than the price.

Do you think currently the healthcare sector is the cheapest in valuations terms?