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Interview | Retail participation in equity bound to grow with enhanced financialization of assets and rise in incomes, says Joseph Thomas of Emkay

India is one of the growth engines for the whole world would present the local market as an attractive avenue for long term investors.

May 31, 2021 / 03:52 PM IST

Joseph Thomas, Head of Research at Emkay Wealth Management feels the vaccination efforts may become more rapid with several state governments taking the initiative to source the vaccines, as vaccination alone will be able to put an end to the pandemic.

It may not be reasonable or prudent to assume that there will be a very fierce growth in the coming quarters, a high single-digit around the 8 percent to 9 percent level can be safely assumed based on the macro aggregates available to us," he said in an interview to Moneycontrol's Sunil Shankar Matkar.

Edited excerpts:-

Q: Do you think the risk of COVID is receding with the consistent fall in daily infections and the expected increase in vaccination?