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How Smallcase Publisher is helping retail investors bet on differentiated portfolios

These smallcases are powered by a SaaS-based technology platform called the smallcase Publisher Platform which enables fee-based advisors to offer ready-made portfolios to their clients

August 12, 2020 / 03:35 PM IST

Making money in stock markets is hard, especially when you have more than 5,000 companies to choose from. There are two ways in which one could build their portfolio – a) DIY investing, and b) Getting someone to manage it for you.

The second option is the easy one and most sought after as most of the retail investors don’t have the time and the skills to choose the right stocks for their portfolio, which also fits their risk profile.

To bridge the gap between investing and research – ready-made equity portfolios from SEBI-registered Research Analysts, Research Investment Advisors, brokerage firms etc. have made it very simple for retail investors who are looking for a quality researched strategy in an affordable & transparent manner

Many of these portfolios are being offered as smallcases that can be transacted on leading brokerage/broking platforms, and are based on differentiated strategies that could add diversification to your portfolio

For instance, for strong corporate governance - the “High-Quality Companies” smallcase is a portfolio of fast-growing quality businesses run by competent promoters that is built by Prescient Capital, a SEBI-regd RIA founded by a team that led the public equities practice at SAIF Partners, one of India’s leading private equity funds. Another smallcase called “Listed Venture Capital” managed by LotusDew, a SEBI RIA, seeks to filter microcap stocks with quality governance.

There are also strategies like momentum (4 smallcases managed by Alok Jain of Weekend Investing, who has been developing systematic rule based investing strategies for over 2 decades), asset allocation (equity-debt with IndexAlpha from QED Capital, equity-debt-gold with All Weather Investing smallcase), COVID resilient portfolio from IIFL Securities & a lot more

These smallcases are powered by a SaaS-based technology platform called the smallcase Publisher Platform which enables fee-based advisors to offer ready-made portfolios to their clients with past performance, ratios & risk-levels computed by the system.

Research providers get a dedicated website with their branding, to showcase these smallcases. The Publisher platform acts as an end-to-end subscription management tool by automating the complete subscription flow, risk profiling questionnaire, payment collection, GST-compliant invoice generation and automated emails for rebalances, subscription confirmation, etc.

Through the Publisher platform, advisors can also track the networth of their client portfolios without any manual inputs from the client. This also enables them to charge on the basis of the client’s investment value in the portfolio.

The investing process is seamless for clients as after subscribing, one can invest in the constituents of the smallcase with their existing trading & demat account with brokerages and track the performance & perform other actions separately in their brokerage interface.

Smallcase Technologies has partnered with 9 leading brokerages - including Zerodha, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, AxisDirect and IIFL.

Prior to this, advisors used to share the research with their clients through email or spreadsheets, with the clients having to enter each trade individually on their respective broker platform. Moreover, this process had to be repeated for each portfolio update (rebalance).

Since the launch of the Publisher Platform in early 2019, over 100K+ smallcases have been bought that were built by a wide spectrum of 50+ fee-based advisors & research firms. These smallcases can be found here -

The Publisher platform is one of the offerings from smallcase Technologies, a fin-tech startup that builds infrastructure & technology platforms for the capital markets industry to help participants like brokerages, advisors & distribution platforms connect with each other.

Moneycontrol has also partnered with smallcase Technologies. Investors can use the smallcase gateway to trade in any stock from any of the partnered brokers from the company page of the stock.

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first published: Aug 12, 2020 12:14 pm