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GuruSpeak | Hemang Kapasi: Chasing Alpha by staying focused in his circle of competence

Among the few portfolio managers in the industry who has generated higher than index returns, Hemang Kapasi talks about his journey and investing style.

February 28, 2020 / 11:23 AM IST
GuruSpeak | Hemang Kapasi: Chasing Alpha by staying focused in his circle of competence

Investing is all about the process. Those fund managers or investors with a clear process always have an edge over those who follow a random approach to stock picking. Legendary investor Warren Buffet has often been quoted as saying ‘We enjoy the process far more than the proceeds.’ Following his footsteps Hemang Kapasi, Portfolio Manager – Equity Investment Products at Sanctum Wealth Management believes in his processes. Chasing alpha, Hemang Kapasi is a strong believer in Return on Capital. The...

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