Cash Market | A likely flag breakout trade in Poly Medicure

Poly Medicure is in a great up move. It has corrected in the last few sessions and will look to restart its up move once it breaks the flag. 

May 10, 2021 / 07:05 AM IST
Cash Market | A likely flag breakout trade in Poly Medicure

Poly Medicure | In last 1 year, the stock has gained 120 percent to Rs 657 as on February 19, 2021 from Rs 299 as of February 19, 2020. Profit margin for March 2020 quarter: 12.60 percent, June 2020 quarter: 15.27 percent, September 2020 quarter: 17.32 percent, and December 2020 quarter: 17.10 percent. The company's promoters have increased their stake in the December quarter to 48.77 percent from 48.76 percent in the September quarter. Similarly, FIIs have increased their stake to 3.75 percent from 1.11 percent during the same period.

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