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Business in the week ahead (November 30-December 4, 2020)

The RBI will be gearing up for next week's policy meeting. Will it cut rates or hold fire remains a big question. They will be looking for cues from the just-released GDP data. As India anxiously waits for a vaccine, the coming week brings with it a barrage of macro data and an upcoming IPO

November 27, 2020 / 06:52 PM IST
Business in the week ahead (November 30-December 4, 2020)

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The finish line in the race for a COVID vaccine is finally in sight – after a year-long sprint, with many twists and turns along the way. Though the AstraZeneca-Oxford candidate has hit the home stretch, there is no last word yet. As momentum builds for the last mile, the government expects a final breakthrough early next year. Worryingly, there is no let-up in the COVID-19 caseload as India gets ready for the largest immunisation drive in its history. Is the worst...

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