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Business in the Week Ahead (May 2-6, 2022)

The decibel level is reaching a crescendo, with the much sought after LIC public share sale taking off in the coming week. That’s not all, two central banks are set to take a call on rates, with lots of macro data points on the table. Of course, don’t miss the earnings flashes

April 29, 2022 / 09:18 PM IST
Business in the Week Ahead (May 2-6, 2022)

The wait is over. The much-talked about LIC IPO is here. Even though the public issue comes reduced in size, it takes the crown of being the biggest ever IPO in the Indian market. As the build-up reaches a frenzy in the run-up to the launch next week, who will be the biggest beneficiary? What are the calculations of the government for the public insurer, moving forward? How will be the market reception? The wait and watch game begins. For stocks,...

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