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How a software engineer traded his way to financial freedom

Dec 02, 2017 03:28 PM IST

An IT engineer, Nooresh Merani, left his job to pursue a career in trading

When most software engineers in India were lining up for a US visa or an onsite assignment, an IT engineer in Mumbai left his job to pursue a career in trading. This was a subject he knew very little about, only reading about it during his holidays while studying engineering. Six months into his first job, Nooresh Merani decided that coding was not what he was cut out for, this despite the fact that he had blown up his trading account during college and borrowed money to plug the hole.

The excitement of trading and persuasive approach to crack the puzzle helped Nooresh to cross the bridge. Yet it took him many years and many more mistakes before he could confidently build up on his portfolio. Shifting his strategy from a pure technical approach, Nooresh presently uses fundamentals as a validation tool.

Nooresh is very active on the social media and has a sizeable fan following. He is also a prolific blogger, trainer and a registered advisor. His reading interests are mainly market-related, understanding the history and psychology behind markets, but call him for a game of badminton and he will drop his book immediately.

Speaking to Shishir Asthana of Moneycontrol, proprietary trader Nooresh Merani talks about his journey, his mistakes and about his strategy very openly.