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Here's how the wage-based H-1B selection, instead of lottery system, could hit IT firms and aspirants

The Department of Homeland Security proposal would impact smaller firms harder as they will find it difficult to hire from foreign campuses even for entry-level jobs. The proposal for a wage-based system is yet another attempt by the US to make securing H-1B jobs tougher at all levels. A majority of these workers are Indians.

October 30, 2020 / 05:28 PM IST

Barely a week before elections, the Trump administration is doing its utmost to make securing H-1B visas tough at all levels. This time, the administration has targeted the H-1B applicants’ selection process, proposing to make it wage-based, instead of the lottery system, which is the norm. The new proposal was made by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on October 28.

Earlier, on October 6, the US government announced two rules aimed at increasing H-1B wages and tightening the visa norms, to protect American jobs by making it difficult to import  foreign labour. A majority of these workers are Indians.

According to immigration experts, the proposed rule for H-1B selection would harm IT firms, with smaller companies getting hit the most. Not all companies will be willing to pay high for entry-level talents, thus impacting the job prospects of foreign students as well.

So what does the proposed rule change?