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Here are some dos and don’ts of mail blasting

Emails can be an effective marketing tool but one size doesn’t fit all and not all mails are read on just desktops, time to hit the refresh button

March 30, 2022 / 12:13 PM IST

In business-to-business (B2B) marketing, emails are critical for generating leads and most marketers allocate sufficient resources for it. According to a recent survey of B2B marketers, over 83 percent plan to increase their digital marketing spend this year and 74 percent confirmed that emails have been most effective in achieving their marketing objectives.

The success of this most critical component of B2B marketing can have the opposite effect if certain obvious and some not-so-obvious mistakes are overlooked. Here are some of those:

1 Emailers that are meant only for desktops

Why do so many marketers believe that their customers will only read emails on their desktops or laptops? Why not on mobile phones or iPads? More than 50 percent of the B2Be executives check their emails on mobile devices as the majority of them are on the move for work.

If you doubt this research, just check how many of your customers do this and you will get the picture. What is even more interesting for marketers is that most executives delete the emails that do not display well or take time to open on a mobile device. This is true of HTML files designed for desktops that do not open up correctly on a smartphone. The trick is to test every mailer for all kinds of devices before doing the blast.


Today, executives are mostly out of the office but they need to be connected to the office and the business world, which they do through mobiles, laptops, tablets or desktops all at once.

As a marketer, you cannot take the risk of assuming which device will be used for checking your mail.

2 One size does not fit all 

You cannot be everything to every customer. To satisfy all your customers with one mailer, you load it with information. Who is going to read a long mail? If your response rate is low, you now know why.

I have seen with some of my clients' mails that say a lot of stuff when they should have made it simple and short.

As a marketer, you should first decide on the segments of customers and prospects you would like to address with specific messages. An understanding of these customer segments is important to target the right mailer for them. Writing a clear message with a simple call to action is important.

Segmented mailing is a must in B2B just as it is in B2C. Marketers should also track where and when the customer last interacted with the company. Did they download your white paper recently or met with a sales or service representative? Did they express interest to know more about your company while at a trade show?

It is not worth spamming them with generic mailers as they just might get upset and discard you from future meetings and business.

3 Ditch the sales pitch 

Most marketers are desperate to generate leads. They believe that they need to push their products and services in a mailer to get people to call them back. This is misplaced thinking.

Even if your prospects on the mailing list have opted for receiving your mail or newsletters, they may not yet be ready to start buying anything from you. They may not even want a discussion with you on purchases. So, do not push at all in mailers that go out. Do not ask them to get in touch for more information or whether they would like someone to call on them. Instead, use e-mail as a medium to send useful and knowledgeable content to recipients and use it to build your brand.

4 Do not send mails without measuring the results 

Many clients send emails without a plan to track their success or check Google analytics. That does not make any sense, don’t do that.

As a marketer, you should decide what all you need to measure (delivered, opened or browsed, or whatever else the case may be) and plan to capture that data before a mailing campaign has started.

Typical measures include open rates, click-through rates and delivery. With these details, you will know which mailers have more success than others and this can lead to improvement.

You may also want to test the time of sending, the days to send and plan your mailing strategy. It is also a good practice to try various subject lines to increase the open rate. If some of your subscribers have fallen off, plan a different line for them in one blast even if the content is the same.

Successful marketers know how to position their companies with emailers and how to tailor the message and when to send it. The humble email can make or break a business, just be wise in deploying it.

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M Muneer is the managing director of CustomerLab Solutions, a consulting firm.
first published: Mar 30, 2022 12:13 pm
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