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Planning to quit? Your employer may know even before you put in your papers

Niche human resource firms are now helping companies spot high performers who are at the risk of quitting

M Saraswathy @maamitalks

If you're not happy with your appraisal and are planning to quit, chances are that your employer may already know about your decision before you decide to put in your papers.

The reason? Niche human resource firms are now helping companies spot high performers who are at the risk of quitting.

"Companies have high-potential-high-risk employees who they wish to retain. We are helping them map employee activity and potential drops in engagement levels," says Rohit Chennamaneni, co-Founder of HR plaform Darwinbox.

The mapping is done using data analytics, which helps predict a person's actions when he or she uses the intranet for any service.

Since the HR platform is managed by an external partner, the technology analyses each employee's data at monthly or quarterly intervals. The data for each employee is then presented in a tabular format to the human resource team of the company.

For instance, the technology will monitor an employee's engagement levels on the social wall of the company's intranet. If he or she suddenly becomes inactive, it is noted and presented as a part of the data on that employee.

This information can be then used by the HR team to conclude whether or not an employee is planning to quit and can take measures to retain them.

When an employee joins a particular company, they are categorised into a bracket based on their role and seniority. They could be classified as high performers or average performers. How easy or difficult it is to fill their roles should they decide to leave is also taken into account.

The technology then looks at their daily activities on a regular basis. For example, there could be employees who regularly use intranet services to comment on achievements of the company or their colleagues. Studied over time, this information can help establish a pattern of behaviour for each employee.

Any deviance or change in this pattern is also analysed. Chennamaneni said that it could be as simple as employees not wishing their colleagues on birthdays or anniversaries, despite having done so earlier.

Using this data, he said, HR teams of companies could perform timely interventions and have a chat with the concerned person on whether they have any issues with their work.

Apart from Darwinbox, firms like PeopleStrong are also doing predictive analysis on employees, and enabling HR teams to make timely interventions.

"If the engagement levels drop, it is a clear indication that the employee is not happy. This can then be addressed by the human resource teams to ensure that these individuals are retained through concerted efforts," Chennamaneni said.

The chief human resource officer of a mid-size ITeS firm said that employees don't usually approach their personnel management team unless they have a serious complaint or during annual appraisal cycles.

"Having analytics to point out when exactly an employee loses interest in workplace activities could be beneficial," he said.

Attrition levels across sectors range between 18 and 20 percent in India Inc. But the major worry has been about losing critical talent during the growth phase of an organisation. Filling senior-level positions also takes time, which is why companies have been spending more on curbing attrition.

HR consultants estimate that an organisation would take around 4-6 weeks to hire a person for a mid-management role. This number could go up to 3 months for senior management.

The cost of hiring has also been on the rise, with companies now spending an average of around Rs 20,000 for entry-level employees, and upwards of 2 lakh for senior management.

However, privacy concerns, while not a big area of focus in India, could become a point of contention in the future. HR experts argue that an employee's activities on official portals of the company is the property of the organisation. But it is yet to be ascertained whether such minute details could amount to snooping and if this could lead to discontent among the workforce.
First Published on Jul 9, 2018 12:35 pm

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