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Enjoy high FD rates when you invest in a Bajaj Finance FD in the New Year

December 30, 2021 / 11:56 AM IST

There’s no better way to kick start a New Year than with a secure investment plan for your future. A fixed deposit is a smart option as it helps you grow your savings with minimum risk. While diversification is the recommended approach, parking your funds in a more secure instrument is equally essential. And with that in mind, a fixed deposit has been the most trusted investment tool for many. When you diversify, you take on risks, and FDs can help offset these efficiently.

Among the many investment options available, few offer such stability and the promise of returns at the time of maturity. Stable instruments like the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit do just that and go the extra mile by earning you generous returns too. Offering FD interest rates of up to 7.05%, this instrument can boost your portfolio’s returns while keeping it safe against market uncertainties.

Read on to know more about the factors that make the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit a great choice this New Year.

Ring in the New Year by investing in a high yielding financial plan

High FD rates up to 6.80% for citizens below the age of 60 and up to 7.05% for senior citizens make Bajaj Finance FD a lucrative option for any investor. This rate is fixed and is not linked to economic factors or the performance of the market. Hence, this will yield the returns as calculated while investing. So, if you want to start this year by working towards your financial goals, this FD can help you achieve them efficiently.

Get attractive returns in the short term

As the name suggests, short-term investments are intended to offer considerable returns within a short period. Generally, this can be two years or even a year in some cases. In general, short-term investment plans are focused options designed to help your financial goals within a limited time frame. So, if you have a 2-year plan in the works, start the year right by investing in an FD for it. Make the most of your savings and build a corpus that seamlessly funds your dreams.

The FD interest rates offered by Bajaj Finance give you the best chance of earning generously. To know what you can expect, take a look at the following tables that illustrate how you can make your investment grow faster in the short term with the Bajaj Finance FD.
  1. Citizen aged below 60 years
Initial depositTenorInterest rate applicable Maturity amount
Rs. 5,00,00012 months5.65%Rs. 5,28,250
Rs. 10,00,00012 months5.65%Rs. 10,56,500
2. Senior Citizen
Initial depositTenorInterest rate applicable Maturity amount
Rs. 5,00,00012 months5.90%Rs. 5,29,500
Rs. 10,00,00012 months5.90%Rs. 10,59,000

Manage your savings efficiently in a stable, AAA-rated fixed deposit

Bajaj Finance FD has the CRISIL FAAA and ICRA MAAA ratings. These credit ratings point to a high degree of investment security. This security, coupled with the high FD rates, allows you to invest freely, knowing full well that your money is in good hands. Thanks to these ratings, you can confidently commit to investing large amounts at virtually no risk whatsoever.

Make savings a priority by choosing the Systematic Deposit Plan

Bajaj Finance also allows you to invest flexibly, in bite-sized amounts, with their industry-first Systematic Deposit Plan. Much like a SIP, with Bajaj Finance, you can invest through small monthly contributions, starting at just Rs. 5,000. Under the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP), these contributions will be treated as independent fixed deposits. This helps you plan for your financial priorities in advance and then invest towards it, one step at a time.

You can have your FDs mature on a fixed date, with the Single Maturity Scheme, or month-on-month, with the Monthly Maturity Scheme. You can choose a tenor of 12 to 60 months, and your payout will vary based on the scheme you choose. Such a feature comes in handy if you can’t commit to investing a large amount but are looking to start investing in the New Year. It eliminates the burden of saving money and allows you to invest at your own pace.

With a better understanding of its features and benefits, you can plan your investments and take steps toward achieving your financial goals efficiently this New Year. Enjoy the maximum benefit of compounding interest and get a head start on your dreams for 2022 with Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit, all from the convenience of your home.

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first published: Dec 30, 2021 11:56 am
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