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COVID-19 impact: Social distancing mandate gives rise to new job roles in factories

A new set of roles pertaining to shop-floor coordination to maintain six-feet distance between workers as well as sanitisation of workplace and employees has opened up amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Factories across India have partially resumed operations even as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to be a serious cause of concern. With manufacturing units given the responsibility to maintain social distancing and employee safety, a new set of roles called shop-floor coordinators and sanitisation servicemen has opened up in India.

These new job roles would involve hiring entry-level talent with a basic understanding of the importance of sanitation, hygiene and social distancing. The pay? Between Rs 12,000 and Rs 14,000 per month.

India has about 2,37,000 factories and each factory would need multiple such staff depending on the number of workers in the unit and factory size. Factories do not have staff purely assigned to maintain hygiene, safety and social distancing and the home ministry mandate to keep production units virus-free has led to the new job roles being created.


In an interaction with Moneycontrol, Sudeep Sen, business head for industrial, manufacturing and engineering segments at TeamLease Services said job roles like sterility servicemen and shop-floor coordinators have come up due to the social distancing mandate amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

“Companies realised that they need dedicated coordinators for this purpose and hence have been hiring them for the next three to six months on contract. As factories open up and start getting in more workers for production, the need for such staff to manage the shop-floor will increase,” he added.

For shop-floor coordinators, the work involves enforcing social distancing at the manufacturing unit, be it the canteen, production area and assembly points. Government rules state that two people must maintain a minimum distance of six feet at all times in the workplace.

To be eligible for the job, a basic understanding of what a certain temperature reading means, how to keep the workplace sanitised and quick reflexes to alert people on maintaining social distancing are required.

Sen said that these individuals would also need to be prepared for any workplace emergencies including workers suddenly falling ill or someone testing COVID-19 positive.

While some companies are hiring these persons on a three- to six- month contract, Sen said that a few firms are also outsourcing it to facility management companies to get additional staff for these specific disinfection and shop-floor coordination roles.

With respect to the sanitisation servicemen, companies are looking for people who would be responsible for maintaining hygiene standards. This would include disinfection of workers at the time of entry as well as disinfecting the uniforms as also the transport vehicles being used.

Sen said that these coordinators would be responsible to ensure that basic instructions related to not sitting close to each other in canteens, not standing inside the washrooms for too long and wearing masks at all times are followed. Any aberration would mean that the concerned employee would be alerted.

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