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Centre to use sensors to judge your driving skills

Computer-based system would allow only 'competent divers' to obtain licence and bring down the count of 'bogus' licences

December 14, 2017 / 02:33 PM IST


Obtaining a driving licence could get tougher as the Centre is planning to make driving tests “stricter” with a computer judging your driving skill.

“The existing driving tests are very flimsy,” an official close to the development told Moneycontrol. “We’ll make these tests stricter”.

He said that the government wanted to make these tests “more transparent and IT-based”.

The official said that computer-based system would allow only “competent divers” to obtain licence and bring down the “bogus” licences to zero.

“If there is no human intervention, the quality of drivers will be better,” said the official.

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He said that once the new system is rolled out, an automated camera or sensor will assist the entire driving process of the candidate.

“From start to end, the entire driving system is assisted through IT system,” he said.

He said that the sensor shall examine a candidate’s driving skills, record his driving, make note of his mistakes, if any, and give out the result at the end of the process.

“Any corrupt officer shall have no say in the entire process,” he said.

The official said that Centre wants to clean the the transport sector by plugging various loopholes in the policy.

He said that by making the entire test fully-automated and linking Aadhaar with licences, the government wants to stitch the entire vehicular sector together.

“This linking of Aadhaar with licence is required so that no two or more licences are issued under one name,” he said. “This will save the drivers from procedural hassles involved with state-based licences”.

Experts believe that sensor based driving test would need amendments in the rules pertaining to driving test, in the absence of which, the system might fail.

“There are 26 different requirements for a driving test under Rule 15 (of Motor Vehicles Act). These requirements can’t be checked using sensors,” said an official from Driving Skill Institute and Research (DSIR), a think-tank for governments to check driving regulations and implementation.

“Even if you use sensors on closed tracks, the given requirements and a driver’s sense of judgement can’t be checked,” he said.

He said that sensors could be successful if they are fitted inside the car, on tracks and on towers to check how well informed a person is about the clutch and break system along with testing the person's sense of judgement on road.

Nikita Vashisht
first published: Aug 16, 2017 01:09 pm