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Business in the Week Ahead (November 1-5, 2021)

How is India’s economy shaping up? Is the trade deficit a worry? As the recovery makes its way, next week comes with a barrage of numbers that will clear the picture. Alongside, the Fed and the BoE are slated to meet. Also, do watch out for the Mahurat trading on the Diwali day

October 29, 2021 / 07:57 PM IST
Business in the Week Ahead (November 1-5, 2021)

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Diwali is only a few days away. And the festive spark is visible almost everywhere. First, take a look at business confidence. According to an NCAER survey, more and more business houses are putting their best foot forward. Not just that, if one has to go by their assessment, they are much more sanguine about the outlook for the economy. That explains why the business sentiment index has already raced to a 2-year high. Even the government, mindful of the steep challenges ahead,...

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