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Dharamik is ushering a new age of stock market analysis

The firm has 2,300 plus active members and is handling the accounts of many well-known businessmen in Gujarat.

March 16, 2020 / 09:35 PM IST

With half a million people following Dharamik on Instagram, it can be safely said that this new age stock market analysis firm is working in the right direction as far as multiplying your money is concerned.

However, the story of its founder, Dharamik, is such that you will be forced to believe in miracles. Dharamik was in the tenth standard when he first started trading from his dad’s account and ended up blowing up all the money in the account.

It was a foregone conclusion that science and social science were not the subjects that would help him in fulfilling his destiny that lay in finance and accounts. However, he passed his 12th standard examination and then told his parents clearly that he would have nothing more to do with studies further. Despite that, when he started college, according to his parents’ wishes, he was fully aware of where he actually wanted to end up.

So, he started investing money on the way. In fact, he invested his fees for the second semester of college into the stock market and it turned out to be a good experience. This made him believe even more that his career lay in the stock market.

When he began doing normal regular trading, he first started learning from books and the good old internet! Soon, he was devising his own strategies through hit and trial method.

When he started posting his stock market analysis on his Instagram account, which now has 56k followers, people started showing their interest.

Soon, Dharamik was getting messages from random people, seeking his advice for trading. Dharamik was only too eager to help.

Right after, he was beginning to take charge of and handle accounts in exchange for a share in the profit. This experience was life-changing for him. To propagate his knowledge of the market, he began to provide online training for stock market analysis and that too for free. However, to consolidate his growing expertise, he started offering membership plans for traders, which turned out to be a great idea.

By this time, Dharamik was providing trade signals to his members with almost 90 percent accuracy.

Today, Dharamik has 2,300 plus active members and his firm is handling the accounts of many well-known businessmen in Gujarat.

In his opinion, “Intraday Trading is the most profitable thing if you are a disciplined trader.”

With his next target set for a million traders’ community by 2021, Dharamik is set for a glorious future in the stock market industry.

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first published: Mar 16, 2020 09:35 pm