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Samsung launches The Wall, giant-sized LED costing up to Rs 12 crore

Priced between Rs 3.5 crore to Rs 12 crore, the MicroLED display comes in a variety of sizes and ratios.

December 05, 2019 / 05:03 PM IST

Consumer durables firm Samsung has launched the country's largest and most expensive LED display called 'The Wall'.

Priced between Rs 3.5 crore to Rs 12 crore, the MicroLED display - not called a TV - comes in a variety of sizes and ratios. It ranges from 146 inches (370.8 cm) in 4K definition, 219 inches (556.3 cm) in 6K definition, to 292 inch (741.7 cm) in 8K definition.

The product is unprecedented and doesn't have competition.

Among others, the VU Technologies sells 100-inch television sets for Rs 20 lakh. Similarly, LG has an 8k LED television that is not yet available for sale in India but is priced at around Rs 29 lakh globally.

The Wall is pegged as an ‘ultra-luxury’ viewing experience, this product comes with a 0.8mm pixel pitch technology. Compared to a regular LED, a microLED offers a clearer display, better contrast and is more energy-efficient.

“With a depth less than 30mm, the slim, bezel-less infinity design along with customizable deco frames allows the display to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, ensuring no disruption to the desired ambience,” said the company in a release.

The LED display comes with Samsung's AI picture enhancement, high brightness, and high contrast in that can used at home, corporate or high-end retail environment.

"With The Wall, we set out to create a product unlike anything else--matching the lifestyle and taste of those looking for the most exclusive and premium visual experiences in their personal and professional spaces," said Puneet Sethi, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India.

The technology

The LED display comes with Quantum HDR technology, peak brightness of 2,000 nits and 120Hz video-rate aimed at providing a superior visual experience.

The display has a 100,000-hour lifetime of its self-light emitting diodes. This ensures that the ‘The Wall’ is designed to never turn off, but to change into a digital canvas best matching the owner`s interior needs and personal mood.

When the screen is not used, the Ambient Mode can display a variety of curated art from paintings, photographs and video art to customizable pictures with digital frames, that best suit the homeowner’s tastes.

The Wall comes equipped with Quantum Processor Flex enabled with the AI picture quality engine. This delivers optimized picture quality scene-by-scene, regardless of the original source resolution. Quantum Processor Flex is a machine learning-based picture quality engine that analyzes millions of image data to automatically calibrate the original low-resolution image according to the display. It can be connected to any OS through a physical HDMI input, thus, providing ease of usage to the customers.

Further, the Wall also comes in a professional version that is geared toward high-end businesses and retail spaces, and, like The Wall Luxury, is completely customizable.

Product Line-Up

Samsung will offer two versions of the product, namely the ‘The Wall Luxury’ and 'The Wall Pro'.

The Wall Luxury is tailor-made for home cinema and gaming with ambient & entertainment Mode and has all the relevant smart TV features. It comes with a display controller. The screen can adapt to serve different purposes, such as creating a wall-size display for multiple spaces.

On the other hand, The Wall Pro is geared towards high-end businesses and retail spaces, and, like The Wall Luxury, it is completely customisable. The stylish design of The Wall will modernise any corporate lobby, museum, art gallery or luxury retail space. The display controller, supplied with The Wall Pro, has all relevant business features that are required by an enterprise.

Where to buy?

The price of Samsung’s The Wall will range from Rs 3.5 crore to 12 crore (exclusive of taxes) for 146-inch, 219-inch and 292-inch variants.

It will be available in India from December 5, 2019. The Wall Luxury will be exclusively available at Samsung Executive Briefing Centre in Gurugram. Private viewings are available upon reservation from  December 5.

M Saraswathy
M Saraswathy
first published: Dec 5, 2019 03:15 pm