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Last Updated : Aug 27, 2015 04:32 PM IST | Source: CNBC-TV18

RCom along with Jasper to provide IoT services across India

This partnership pairs the capabilities of Reliance‘s 11 data center facilities and its Global Cloud Exchange (Cloud X®) platform with Jasper‘s global IoT services platform to enable enterprises to capitalize on IoT services.

Reliance Communications Thursday announced partnership with Jasper, a global Internet of Things (IoT) services player to enable enterprises throughout India to launch, manage and monetize Next-Generation IoT businesses. Reliance is Jasper’s sole telecom partner in India.

This partnership pairs the capabilities of Reliance’s 11 data center facilities and its Global Cloud Exchange (Cloud X®) platform with Jasper’s global IoT services platform to enable enterprises to capitalize on IoT services. This also marks yet another step forward in delivering the infrastructure and IoT platform required to facilitate the diverse array of projects under the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ initiative.

Below is the transcript of Bill Barney’s interview with CNBC-TV18's Kritika Saxena.

Q: Could you throw some light on the specific benefit that the company would have from this partnership?

A: The partnership is based on them providing orchestration software and us providing mobile networks, fibre networks and data centres. Internet of things is sort of the bricks and mortar that sits behind all those little centres that go around.

If you look at Uber all that information coming into a data centre being processed with software. So, this is essentially how we actually operate as a partnership and we share revenue per customer.

Q: So, how would the revenue sharing pan out across the year and also is this an exclusive agreement that you have with Jasper or is there a possibility of other players also coming in?

A: There will probably 20 to 100 players on our cloud platform going forward. This is one key partnership. We will be announcing other ones over the next few weeks.

Q: So, how are you going to focus on creating an ecosystem of partners because you have talking about GCX and leveraging cloud to be able to touch into the Digital India drive. Specifically how exactly do you see it panning out over the years?

A: The last time we talked we hadn't come very forward. Now we have announced many new partners across the new board. We have announced quite a bit of infrastructure to deal behind this and the ecosystem we believe is in place, and you will actually start to hear us announcing on our earnings call because we are actually having many of these players on our network.

So, it is not just an idea anymore, it is a reality, we have got customers actually using our products and they are actually using this to find efficiency on the internet. So, it is not a dream anymore, it is reality.

Q: In terms of growth point of view GCX, ever since you came on board it has been about year and half and if I am correct in terms of growth strategy, in terms of the kind of growth multiple that you have seen what is the projection looking like in the next one year because things have slowed down as far as telecom sector is concerned but of course with 4G there have been some kind of pick up. What is the kind of growth projection that you are looking at?

A: You are going to see double digit growth from us offshore and if you look at certain segments, so if you look at cloud for example that will be triple digit growth by the third and fourth quarter of this year you will start to see growth in that space very fast. It will be hyper growth.

We are pretty bullish about the opportunity right now. We think that we have done a great job in the last 12 months getting GCX centered in the market and actually on to a growth trajectory. We are just going to accelerate from here. So, we are very excited about the future.

First Published on Aug 27, 2015 03:10 pm