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Now, a pocket UV device that can kill bacteria, viruses on surfaces

The pocket sanitiser will be available for Rs 1,999 on the company website and claims to kill bacteria and viruses when held at a distance of 7 cm from any surface in 40 seconds.

November 17, 2020 / 06:17 PM IST

While the race is still on to find a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus, innovators are working on solutions to limit the spread of the virus including through contact with infected surfaces. One such company, Coimbatore-based MY, has now introduced a new hand-held UVC sanitiser device that promises to kill bacteria and viruses from surfaces.

This device called MY UV One is a pocket sanitiser that has ultraviolet (UV-C) lights. The product is sold by MY, which said in a statement that this device could kill bacteria and viruses when held at a distance of 7 cm from any surface in 40 seconds.

This sanitiser has a tilt sensor that allows the device to sanitize surfaces and also prevent unintended and accidental UV ray exposure of the human skin. It has a battery capacity of 300mAh and can produce 70 flashes with one charge. It is priced at Rs.1,999 and is available on the company website.

MY sells products like UV Safe Tabletop Sanitiser, anti-viral protection masks, scarves and overalls. Their manufacturing facility is located in Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Tirupur.

Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, Founder and CEO of ‘MY’, said the company has developed the product so as to be portable and chargeable just like any other technology device.

Why do you need UV sanitisers?

The Coronavirus spreads not just through person-to-person contact, but also when you touch surfaces like clothes, paper, mobiles and wallets that have been exposed to a person tested positive for COVID-19.

A slew of consumer appliance firms like Orient Electric, Wonderchef, Godrej Appliances and Philips have launched appliances that could help customers minimise the risk of contracting the virus from such surfaces. These include UVC ovens and sanitiser devices.

Among all the products, UVC technology has taken a lead to help kill the virus in case it is present on any exposed surface. A few startups, including many from several Indian Institutes of Technologies (IIT), have developed UVC sanitizer boxes to disinfect products that are exposed to any outside environment.

UVC rays have a short wavelength. This means that this is of the same order of size of the virus causing COVID-19 and hence is highly effective in transmitting energy inside the organism. This fuses the RNA of the virus and deactivates its capability to multiply, rendering it harmless.
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first published: Nov 17, 2020 06:17 pm