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Nissan's electric vehicle Leaf may debut in India soon; co may seek incentives

Japanese automaker Nissan is exploring the launch of its all-electric vehicle Leaf in the country.

Leaf, claimed to be the world’s best-selling all-electric vehicle by manufacturer Nissan, is likely to set foot in India.

According to a Mint report today, the company is assessing the market for electric cars in the country and is in discussion with government bodies and private sector firms in this regard.

Pilot run for the Leaf, which has sold nearly 250,000 units globally so far, is scheduled for later this year in India. This run will help the Japanese auto maker in testing the car on Indian roads.

Nissan is likely to initially seek incentives to provide the product at competitive prices and bolster demand. Once sales improve, the company may explore assembling the car or sourcing parts locally.

In light of the government’s plan to have an all-electric fleet by 2030, local assembly could prove beneficial. Earlier, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has made attempts to woo the likes of Tesla Inc. to manufacture electric vehicles here by offering land near a major port to facilitate exports. However, there has been no response to that.

The only hurdle to Nissan’s plans is the battery performance considering the extreme weather conditions in certain cities like Delhi.

Deepesh Rathore, Co-Founder of London-based Emerging Markets Automotive Advisors feels it would prove far more beneficial if Nissan considers forming a consortium to approach the government to create the required infrastructure. If charging stations are not amply made available, even the most competitively priced product could down without any demand.
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