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Nestle Q1: Domestic growth sustains despite COVID-19 hiccups

May 13, 2020 / 06:45 PM IST
Nestle Q1: Domestic growth sustains despite COVID-19 hiccups

Key highlights Quarterly results ahead of street expectations Double-digit growth in sales driven both by volumes and mix. EBITDA margin affected by lower gross margin and higher employee cost Nestle India's (CMP: Rs. 17,457, Market cap: Rs.1,68,316 crore) Q1 CY20 quarterly earnings exceeded expectations, with double-digit sales growth. With this, the company has delivered seven quarters of uninterrupted double-digit domestic sales growth. (image)   Key positive Domestic sales grew by 11 percent YoY and 6 percent QoQ aided by strong performance in key products - MAGGI,...

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