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Clients interested in the way we do talent acquisition, transformation: Altimetrik COO

From a people and pathway trends point of view, there’s huge demand for top talent, and there are innovative ways in which talent acquisition is taking place.

Neha Alawadhi @alnehaa

In a chat with Moneycontrol, the Chief Operating Officer of Altimetrik, a product-focused firm helping enterprises with digital transformation, talks about the challenges and how the right kind of talent can be trained for the digital world.

Q: To start with, if you could take me through what it is you do in India and what is your digital strategy, and what it is that you’re looking to do in India?

A: The back room technology trends we see are in a few areas, one for sure is in the product engineering area. It is around building products and platforms and also designing, developing, consuming modular components.

Cloud is the second area where we see a lot of traction, it is becoming a competitive advantage for our clients. Because of cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming more affordable.

Unlocking data is a huge trend because at the end of the day there’s a humongous amount of data within each of our clients, they use cloud innovation around data engineering, data links, and also real-time streaming, predictive analysis, and machine learning.

From a people and pathway trends point of view, there’s huge demand for top talent, and there are innovative ways in which talent acquisition is taking place.

We have a lot of clients that are interested in the way we do talent acquisition and talent transformation and the pathways.

Q: Who do you see as your competition? Do you compete with established players in the market?

A: I would not say competition exactly, but we look at it like we are creating a team, picking leaders who have worked in the product engineering areas and who have run live products and taken live products to market. We are not building products, but we are helping our clients to build the product. If there is at all some company, it would be like a ThoughtWorks in the US.

Q:  You said that digital is a new form of thinking, so do you face a people problem in terms of finding the right kind?

A: Well absolutely, finding top talent is absolutely a challenge for us, how we attract and bring them into our company is very important. And hence we went with this branded approach of a playground where we don’t just go and hire them, but we have the playground where they just play and hack.

This just gets the community together so they know what we do, at the end of the day it’s not like the old times where you have recruitment drives.

And once you bring the talent on board there is a challenge on how you retain them. I’m not talking about compensation; free food, a foosball table, and a ping pong table but at the end of the day intellectually what are they gaining?

So we gamify the entire experience, and there’s that human instinct of competition that happens within our organisation, where each individual or each engineer tries to enrich themselves. They’re being given additional stars or badges, such as a scrum member or a coach, or an innovator. So there are self-motivational things that we push for. And also we have organisational training that is being driven where we have learning packs to support that for us.

Q: What are the kind of industry verticals you’re looking at?

A: I think from an industry perspective, we are big in financial services and the payment world. Both the US and European banks, Asian banks are our clients. We also have a huge presence in the e-commerce industry, large e-commerce industries that are startups.

At the end of the day, we product engineer ideas for our clients. In the financial services, everyone requires product modernisation for their customers so we look at that area as well.

Manufacturing, especially automobile manufacturing is a big industry vertical for us; again the top two or three are our clients as well. And then in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, the top ones in the US and Europe are clients. Another area we are trying to push into is insurance, as we are already present in other verticals.
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