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Business in the week ahead (March 2-6, 2020)

A set of PMI data next week will tell you whether an economic recovery is actually taking root. SBI Cards is the new kid on the IPO block. Plus, the upcoming OPEC meeting and the RCom resolution plan will make you plan the week better.

February 28, 2020 / 05:19 PM IST
Business in the week ahead (March 2-6, 2020)

There is complete mayhem on the Street. The Coronavirus scare is making the bulls run for their life as the bears are charging in. The fears are so high that the Sensex fell off the cliff by crashing more than 1,400 points on Friday. It’s no better elsewhere as stocks the world over saw a free fall. Fresh cases in Italy, South Korea and Iran are a sign of how far the epidemic has spread. As investors count their loss, the government...

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