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Business in the week ahead (February 3-7, 2020)

Will the RBI loosen its policy further? What happens to PMI data print for January? What is red hot in the auto circuit? You will get to know all that and more next week

January 31, 2020 / 05:37 PM IST
Business in the week ahead (February 3-7, 2020)

Nirmala Sitharaman’s first full-year Budget on Saturday is a litmus test of the government’s resilience and willingness to spend, given the back-breaking slowdown that has gripped the economy. The finance minister (FM) knows she is walking a tightrope. And the expectations are sky high. The just-tabled Economic Survey is a pointer to the government’s resolve to set the house in order, even saying the fiscal deficit target may need to be relaxed to revive growth. It predicts GDP to grow...

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