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Business in the Week Ahead (August 8-12, 2022)

RBI’s latest policy move signals an urgency to tackle inflation and suck out excess liquidity. It’s a no-brainer that we are in for a long haul. What’s on the plate next week? Lots of earnings and some key macros such as IIP and retail inflation. Stay tuned

August 05, 2022 / 06:51 PM IST
Business in the Week Ahead (August 8-12, 2022)

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Let there be no doubt, India’s resilient growth curve has given the central bank enough legroom to come down hard on inflationary pressures. That's why the RBI hiked the repo rate by 50 bps today to cool sizzling prices. The latest rate increase, the third in a row since May 2022, has made it 140 bps spread over the past three policy reviews. That’s not all, the current repo rate at 5.4 percent is not only back at the pre-COVID level, but is also...

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