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Business in the Week Ahead (August 1-5, 2022)

The stock market is smiling. Whether that continues partly depends on the RBI's MPC policy meet outcome. A clutch of macros, including PMI and trade deficit, will set the narrative

July 29, 2022 / 07:11 PM IST
Business in the Week Ahead (August 1-5, 2022)

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The last trading day of July made investors happy. The reasons are not far to seek. One, there is growing realisation that central banks the world over may go easy on future rate hikes, potentially giving more room for economies to bounce back with vigour. If that partly explains why markets in India surged nearly 8 percent in July, another factor that worked in their favour is a softening trend in commodity prices, which would improve corporate profitability in the coming days. One jarring note came in the...

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