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Nov 13, 2017 05:34 PM IST | Source:

Apple iPhone X screen develops 'green line of death' barely a week into markets

The latest moniker, ‘green line of death’, could well be the death of flagship phone if the bug becomes rampant, and Apple will have to deal with it swiftly

It seems that problems with OLED screens are far from over. Last month, barely a week after the launch of Google Pixel XL, the phone developed a screen burn in problem. This time, it is Apple iPhone X which is feeling the heat.

A week into the hands, several users have reported that the much hyped and highly priced phone is developing a ‘green line of death’—a vertical line on the right flank of its edge to edge screen.

The users said that despite restarting and even restoring the phone the green bar ceases to leave. Apple is aware of the problem as, a user when complained it to the Apple Support, they exchanged the faulty phone without any hassle.

A series of bugs with the OLED screen points towards a hardware problem with the phone rather a software hitch.

The screen of Pixel 2 XL developed many problems after the launch including morbid and pale colours and screen burn-in. Google finally had to release an update to solve the colour problem.

Last month, Apple was accused that the company gave a green signal to the suppliers to reduce the accuracy of the iPhone X’s facial recognition system to speed output of the phone which it disputed.

The company has faced several embarrassing fails its Face ID such as twins unlocking the phone without difficulty or Vietnamese tech experts cracking it with a mask. 

The latest moniker, ‘green line of death’, could well prove to be costly if the bug becomes rampant, and Apple will have to deal with it swiftly. The world has not forgotten the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle which cost the company billions.
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