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Apollo Hospitals, TataMD collaborate to launch 'TataMD CHECK' test for COVID-19 in India

TataMD CHECK is a COVID-19 diagnostic test based on the DNA genome editing tool CRISPR Cas-9. The technology ensures quicker results due to a more agile process and AI-based automated result detection methodology
Nov 20, 2020 / 09:37 AM IST
Representative Image
Representative Image

The Apollo Hospitals Group and Tata Medical and Diagnostics (TataMD) on November 19 announced the 'TataMD CHECK' diagnostic test for faster results for COVID-19 in India.

Apollo Hospitals along with its subsidiary Apollo Diagnostics will offer the Tata MD CHECK testing in the national capital region (NCR) from the first week of December 2020 and thereafter, it will be rolled out across all major metros in the country, the companies said.

These metros are Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune, followed by a second phase into other cities, they added.

TataMD CHECK is a COVID-19 diagnostic test based on the DNA genome editing tool CRISPR Cas-9 and has been approved by Indian Council of Medical Research and Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), the companies said.

"The use of CRISPR-Cas9 Technology ensures quicker results due to a more agile process and AI-based automated result detection methodology," they said.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does a vaccine work?

A vaccine works by mimicking a natural infection. A vaccine not only induces immune response to protect people from any future COVID-19 infection, but also helps quickly build herd immunity to put an end to the pandemic. Herd immunity occurs when a sufficient percentage of a population becomes immune to a disease, making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely. The good news is that SARS-CoV-2 virus has been fairly stable, which increases the viability of a vaccine.

How many types of vaccines are there?

There are broadly four types of vaccine — one, a vaccine based on the whole virus (this could be either inactivated, or an attenuated [weakened] virus vaccine); two, a non-replicating viral vector vaccine that uses a benign virus as vector that carries the antigen of SARS-CoV; three, nucleic-acid vaccines that have genetic material like DNA and RNA of antigens like spike protein given to a person, helping human cells decode genetic material and produce the vaccine; and four, protein subunit vaccine wherein the recombinant proteins of SARS-COV-2 along with an adjuvant (booster) is given as a vaccine.

What does it take to develop a vaccine of this kind?

Vaccine development is a long, complex process. Unlike drugs that are given to people with a diseased, vaccines are given to healthy people and also vulnerable sections such as children, pregnant women and the elderly. So rigorous tests are compulsory. History says that the fastest time it took to develop a vaccine is five years, but it usually takes double or sometimes triple that time.

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During the next few weeks, Apollo Hospitals group will ensure the availability of TataMD CHECK testing in eight hospitals in phase 1, they added.

The companies, however, did not share the financial details of the collaboration.

"The addition of TataMD CHECK as part of the testing arsenal will be a boost to the ongoing efforts that the country has been waging against this pandemic. We at Apollo are happy to partner with the Tata Group in what is potentially a revolutionary advancement in the COVID Testing Landscape," Apollo Hospitals Joint MD Sangita Reddy said.

Addressing a webinar to announce the collaboration, she said that "Apollo Hospitals will take this technology of CRISPR Cas-9 based diagnostic and the Tata CHECK capability and their platform, and will put it in our diagnostic ecosystem and bring this to the consumer, to the patients, to the customers".

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"I am very excited about the partnership, not only because it is an India developed technology, and a great validation of our Aatmanirbhar focus, that's a call which has been given by the Prime Minister. I am also excited because it enhances the speed of diagnostics," Reddy said.

The next few days will be mission mode at Apollo in converting this technology into "a very usable, very user friendly process for the labs, for the technicians, for the doctors, for the patients", she added.

"There cannot be a better partner we can think of in the Indian context then Apollo Hospitals... It is a great honour and a proud moment to associate with Apollo from the Tata group, from the Tata Medical and Diagnostics Ltd as to announce as our preferred and most important partner to make this product available and accessible nationwide", Tata Medical and Diagnostics CEO and MD Girish Krishnamurthy said.

TataMD will help train the key diagnostic clinicians and staff at Apollo Hospitals and Apollo Diagnostics on new technology and effective testing protocols in the next few weeks.

TataMD is currently manufacturing the product in its factory in Chennai with a capacity for one million per month which can be scaled up, Krishnamurthy said.

If all the processes are streamlined, the results of tests can be expected in 6 to 7 hours, he added.

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first published: Nov 20, 2020 09:37 am

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