HDFC Life's Latest Campaign Encourages Women to Have the 'Financial Talk' With Their Daughters

This campaign aims to encourage women to become comfortable with discussing and managing finances

March 24, 2021 / 01:44 PM IST

Stereotypically, we’ve observed that it’s usually the men of the family that make financial decisions for everyone.. The patriarchal society has primed men to  takelead as the sole decision-maker.

However, it's 2021, and we observe a rapid dematerialisation of this archaic trend. Women are taking financial decisions, not just for themselves but for everyone in the family. Regardless of their occupation, women have stepped up as active decision makers -in this traditional male-dominated space. To encourage this trend and ensure that it’s continued with the new generation, HDFC Life, in its recent Women's Day campaign, inspired women to have #TheTalk with their daughters.

The brand released a powerful 2:20 minute video on its YouTube channel, featuring three pairs of mothers and daughters answering a set of questions, which cover their personal experiences with finance and how they're moulding their daughters to learn the importance of making independent financial decisions.

The questions covered a holistic transformation in the financial decision-making space for women and the greater need to encourage talking about finances. The campaign raises the question that was it the lack of awareness or plain ignorance to educate and empower women in earlier times? As quoted by two of the interviewee mothers, "Women holding the power to make decisions was not really a 'thing' back then, but I'm trying to make it a 'thing' now, and I'm trying not to make the same mistakes my parents did".

The questions were pretty straightforward, like:

    • Have you had the talk with her?
    • Did your parents have the talk with you?
    • When did you think was the right time to have the talk?
    • Why did you think it's important to have this talk?

The brand interviewed mothers raising daughters in different age brackets: 8-9, 13-14, and 19-20 that helps reverberate their message, "Let's have the women of today have the talk with the women of tomorrow."  This age differentiation helps HDFC connect with women in their mid-twenties and above.

The campaign encourages active participation from an early age. This "financial talk" is successful when we train our girls to understand and adapt to what's right and wrong when making these important decisions. "There is no need to hide what your finances look like. If you have an excel sheet for budgeting, make her have one too", advises one of the mothers.

Releasing this powerful message on Women's Day was a brilliant strategy as the campaign strongly encourages the importance of financial planning and independence for women. The video ends with an impactful tagline, "Let's Talk Money. Let's Talk Investments. Let's Talk Life Insurance".

The mother of the youngest daughter in the campaign encourages more women into taking this action as early as possible. She advises, "Talk to her before you make a decision, get her involved, she'll thank you for it".


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first published: Mar 24, 2021 01:44 pm

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