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HDFC Life Launches 'Yeh Sahi toh Life Insurance Online Kyu Nahi?' Campaign With Actor Manjot Singh

HDFC Life’s new campaign with Actor Manjot Singh sheds light on the need for digital purchases in the insurance industry

March 19, 2021 / 12:39 PM IST

Today it's nearly impossible to not find someone using an electronic device. Be it a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop, people of all ages are busy enjoying the perks of owning an internet service. Whether it's for booking a movie ticket or checking out the menu of a favourite restaurant, the internet has successfully penetrated into every aspect of our daily lives, with one major exception: the insurance sector. Even today, the majority of the population prefer purchasing insurance offline.

In its latest campaign, 'YehSahitohLifeInsuranceKyuNahi' HDFC Life is addressing this hesitation and encouraging people to shift their mindset about purchasing insurance online by roping in award-winning actor Manjot Singh of Fukrey and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye! fame.

The brand has released seven 20-second videos as part of this campaign, where the protagonist finds himself in everyday situations with online mediums working to his rescue. These videos question that if ordering clothes with just one click or learning a complex skill like singing or booking a cab at 3:00 am online is possible and convenient for people, what is stopping you, as a consumer, to buy insurance online?

This is the second in the recent series of celebrity-led projects by HDFC Life. Vishal Subharwal, Executive Vice President, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, HDFC Life, commented, "Unlike the previous campaigns that highlight the product features and category benefits, this campaign aims to bring a behavioural shift in the old-age habit by encouraging consumers to research, explore, and purchase insurance online as easily as conducting other activities."

The campaign focuses on changing and challenging consumer behaviours, as pointed at the concluding seconds of each video, "If this is so good, why not purchase insurance online too?"


The collaboration with Manjot Singh has worked in the brand's favour as his happy-go-lucky onscreen charisma helps bring about the lighter side of a serious message in a playful and relatable series that aims to drive people into purchasing insurance plans via digital platforms.

This campaign stands out from the other marketing endeavours in the BFSI industry as the overall tonality and brand ambassador create cheerful-led visuals, working as the right blend of delivering a serious message with a subtle twist.

The brain and driving force behind the campaign, Manesh Swamy, Vice President - Creative, Logicserve Digital, comments, "The challenge presented to us was unique and interesting. It's surprising to witness a huge wave of hesitation towards purchasing insurance online. The initial research suggested that a major reason driving this behaviour is the uncertainty of dealing with personal finances in the online space. Thus, we wanted to create a campaign with everyday scenarios that resonated with the audience. Manjot Singh has commendably added a pinch of light humour that helped the campaign strike the right chord with the viewers."

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first published: Mar 18, 2021 06:33 pm

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