HDFC Life collaborates with the Indian army to urge people to prioritise family protection over everything else

Protect your family from uninvited challenges With HDFC Life’s Click 2 Protect Life Plan

March 22, 2021 / 04:58 PM IST

While we, as a nation, have progressed a lot in the past year since the first lockdown, with reopening the economy and inventing a vaccine, there is so much left to do on an individual level. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the importance of protecting oneself and your loved ones’ interests over everything else. While the brave hearts of our Indian Army personnel are leaving no stone unturned to ensure we are able to stay safe and comfortably sleep in our homes every night, the scope of protection doesn't end here. This is precisely what HDFC Life’s Click 2 Protect Life's latest campaign, #SadaSurakshitRahe brings to the table.

As life throws its unexpected challenges in our way, our best bet lies in taking necessary protective actions today rather than regretting over the bygones tomorrow. Today, you're earning a handsome salary to live the life you desire. But what about tomorrow? What if you were laid off in the tough pandemic market or succumbed to the unfortunate incidence of the virus?

With this thought in mind, HDFC Life set up a first-of-the-kind large-scale collaboration with the Indian Army to demonstrate the strength, courage, discipline, and determination that the national heroes hold as they conduct their duty to safeguard our nation.

This campaign, shot with 500+ jawans in their regiments, aims to empower a very important concept of Family Protection or Suraksha. As highlighted in the video, whether hit by a storm, dune or an unexpected attack, the army holds their head high to perform their duty of protecting their nation. And this is precisely the perspective that the campaign encourages people to undertake in their everyday life—to step up as their loved ones' rakshak (protector) and safeguard their interests today against tomorrow's unforeseen calamities such as accidents, critical illness, or deaths.

The campaign demonstrates the hardships and never-give-up attitude of the Indian Army, further depicted by these lines, "Harr mushkilkofarzkenaate, galelagatehain. Hoslebulandlekar, aankhonmeivishwaaslekar, badhtechalehaiaagesarruthakar" (No matter what difficulty they counter, they embrace it as their responsibility. With commendable confidence and keeping faith in their efforts, they move ahead to fulfil their responsibilities).


Just as the army protects their nation above everything else, the campaign encourages people to adopt a similar attitude towards their loved ones. This sentiment is highlighted as the video concludes with the tagline, "Jaisehumarirakshaveeronkakartavyahhai, waise he humareapnokisuraksha, humarakartavyahhai" (Like the army takes up the responsibility to protect our well-being, similarly, it's our responsibility to safeguard our loved ones' interests).

The complete support and approval of theAdditional Directorate General of Public Information (ADGPI) led HDFC Life to successfully deliver a campaign that highlights the importance of undertaking priority protection towards loved ones in the present times. The hashtag #HameshaRakshaKareApki is a powerful branding message to reinforce the audience's faith in HDFCLife's offering.

In these tough times, people seek emotional support. HDFCLife has smartly tapped onto this emotion by collaborating with the army for this campaign, helping them build a more relatable connection with their audience.

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first published: Mar 22, 2021 04:58 pm

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