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Cilicant trebles manufacturing operation by opening a new plant to cope with customer demands.

India’s active packaging manufacturer Cilicant has launched its third production plant to keep pace with demands of the healthcare industry.

January 29, 2021 / 05:11 PM IST

The plant, at Pune in Maharashtra, is employing over 150 staff in its active packaging operation in this new phase expansion which will treble its manufacturing capability.

The new Cilicant plant, which is a GMP compliant facility, has been created to support the increasing demand by its clients involved in the supply of pharmaceutical and medical devices during and post the pandemic. The company’s keen eye for precision is backed by its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that deploys the latest technology for production - machines that not only deliver the best quality but also have greater production capability.

Founded in 2011 by Manish Jain, Cilicant has become one of the world’s trusted brands in active pharmaceutical packaging offering a range of high-quality solutions, designed to protect products from the harmful effects of moisture and oxidation. All of its products are manufactured in a classified cleanroom with every employee trained to carry out its meticulous safety standards established in accordance with industry and regulatory best practices. Cilicant is renowned for its unwavering focus on safety and quality.

Its in-house quality control laboratories in Pune handle both raw materials and finished products where they are tested as per the current US pharmacopoeia testing standards using the highest quality hi-tech instruments available. Quality assurance is paramount to its operations, the company adhering to USFDA and Health Canada and ISO 15378:2017 compliances.

Commenting on the new facility Cilicant founder Mr Manish Jain states: “Continuous improvement has been the crux of Cilicant’s growth. Our new state of the art manufacturing facility will serve our customers better than before. We thank them for their loyal support which encourages us to outdo ourselves every time. It’s really due to them we have achieved this endeavour.”

The company’s Sales Director, Mr Sumeet Sharma, adds: “This new manufacturing facility is an important step towards realising our goals to achieve current market demand of desiccants. It’s to be the first of many important changes we have planned in line with high-quality standards which will meet the needs of all clients.” 

Cilicant’s new facility is expected to generate significant growth in sales of desiccants and capture the major share of this specialist market in 2021-22. primarily handle all pharmaceutical clients based in India to suffice the requirement of the regulated market. 

“Since its inception, Cilicant has envisioned itself not only as an active packaging manufacturing company but as a brand - and an Indian brand at that that, capable of being global,” says  Cilicant Marketing Director, Fahmim Hussain. “The establishment of this third manufacturing facility is just another feather in the cap of the company’s success to date and we hope to have many more achievements in the future to fulfil our mission to become a global brand.”

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first published: Jan 29, 2021 02:39 pm