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Benefit from attractive FD interest rates on Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Choose to invest in Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit and achieve your financial goals seamlessly from the comfort of your home.

November 26, 2021 / 04:02 PM IST

Fixed deposit is a safe and secure form of investment, which allows you to grow your money without worrying about market fluctuations. At present, with RBI maintaining a repo rate of 4%, bank and post office savings can only earn you an interest of up to 5.50%. While you work hard to earn your money, you want your money to work equally hard too. Investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits is a secure way of doing just that.

Bajaj Finance offers high FD rates of up to 6.75%, letting you grow your savings to meet your financial goals. In fact, in comparison to bank or post office FD rates, Bajaj Finance offers considerably higher FD interest rates. On these FDs, you get to enjoy a range of lucrative benefits too.

Read on to know why you should invest in Bajaj Finance FDs to allow your investment to grow steadily and securely over time.

Earn more with high FD interest rates

When investing in market-linked options, you have to keep an eye on the economic conditions constantly. However, a fixed deposit is safe and doesn't require you to monitor market fluctuations as you get returns locked in at the rate at which you open the deposit. The current post office rates vary from 5.5% for 1-3 years and 6.50% for 5 years. The figures range from 3% to 6.50% when it comes to bank FD interest rates. In comparison, the high FD rates on Bajaj Finance FDs offer greater payouts. Check the table below to know how an investment of Rs. 5 lakh can grow for different investors over a tenor of 60 months.
Customer typeInterest rateTotal interest earned (in Rs.)Total maturity earnings (in Rs.)
Citizens aged below 60 years  (investing offline)6.50%1,85,0436,85,043
Citizens aged below 60 years (investing online)6.60%1,88,2666,88,266
Senior citizens6.75%1,93,1226,93,122

Safety of deposit

An FD allows your funds to grow safely without any impact from market fluctuations. As for the security of your deposit, you can vouch for the credibility of Bajaj Finance as it is accredited with the highest stability ratings of FAAA and MAAA from CRISIL and ICRA, respectively. These stability ratings indicate that investors' savings are parked safely, irrespective of the instability of financial markets.

End-to-end online investment platform

You can start your investment journey from the comfort of your home with Bajaj Finance. You can book your FD within minutes just by filling an online form. Citizens below 60 years of age can earn an additional 0.10% p.a. rate benefit on investing online.

Save monthly with the systematic deposit plan

Compared to bank or post office FDs, Bajaj Finance allows you to make small monthly deposits with their Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP). As the name suggests, it is like a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), wherein you can invest small amounts every month to achieve a financial goal. However, the SDP is not market-linked like SIP and promises secure growth of your invested funds.

You can choose to invest a minimum of Rs. 5,000 over a tenor of 12 to 60 months. Here, each of your payments books a new FD. You can choose the frequency of your investment's maturity by opting for either the monthly or single maturity scheme.

Keeping these benefits in mind, you can choose to invest in Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit and achieve your financial goals seamlessly from the comfort of your home.
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first published: Nov 26, 2021 04:02 pm
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