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I have been tracking the user facility improvements since 5 years; the tools variety is excellent and unbeatable by any other investment monitor facilitation sites; the facilities are soaring every year; the capital gains computing and CG tax computation is a superb addition. Kindly keep up these facilities.
The dinosour got extinct because it did not change as per the environment,the ant lived million years because it adopted to the changing environment. You have a great future because u have adopted to change as per the needs of the time.Great job, keep it up,& thanks for everything.
Tapan Kumar Sur
You are doing a fantastic job for a retail investor like me.With your inputs and innovations I am able to track & monitor my portfolio without taking help from a professional financial advisor. Keep it up. Congratulations once again for your fabulous site. Thanks a lot for your wonderful suggestions in parking my investments.
Dr Parag
Hi, I'm Mr Moneywiz™, your personal finance advisor at I strongly recommend you to use our Portfolio Manager to track all your investments, assets and borrowings.
Here's what Portfolio Manager offers you
Tracks all your investments, cash flow and assets, through LIVE price updates. Get a consolidated view of your multiple stock, mutual fund, ULIP or bullion transactions. Know your best and worst investments at a glance and much more...
Capital Gains
Quick summary of capital gains incurred in current fiscal and tax status of your investments if sold today. You can also check capital gains and tax status for past fiscals.
Transaction History
Displays history of transactions that have taken place in your stocks, mutual funds and ULIPs. You can track your transactions for different financial years too.
MF SIP Tracking
Whether 12, 24, 36 or more, update your MF Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) installments in just 2 simple steps. You can also set your future SIPs for auto updation.
Watch list
A powerful engine for those who wish to track stocks and funds before deciding on whether to invest in them or not. You can also set price trigger alerts for your stocks.
Portfolio Health Check
Compare your Portfolio Performance against various indices for different time frames. You can also compare individual stocks and funds against benchmark indices.
Track current and historic dividends declared by your stocks and mutual funds. You can also auto adjust your MFs for dividend payouts and re-investments.
Asset Risk
New to investing? This tool estimates your financial risk-taking capacity & risk tolerance level , & accordingly displays an asset allocation for you across different asset classes.
Industry Classification
Displays which different sectors have you invested your money in and also displays what percentage of your total investment belongs to which sector.
Info & Updates
Gives you a financial snapshot of all companies in your portfolio. Displays the latest quarterly results of stocks in your portfolio along with the growth in sales and net profit.
Mail & SMS Alerts
Track your investments even when on the move. Trigger alerts via mail or SMS on price, volume, block deals, news, views, dividends, and your portfolio networth.