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EPNS: The Gamechanger Protocol For Enabling Wallet-to-Wallet Communication & Notifications

EPNS sits beautifully to transform the Web 3.0 scenario, resting the power of notifications with the end users themselves, and making it highly customizable.

What is EPNS
The blockchain space is filled with exciting projects in creating a fruitful experience for end users, lowering the entry barriers, and helping solve major challenges blocking the exciting crypto arena. One such project is the Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS).

EPNS is a protocol for blockchain based notification service and is chain agnostic and platform independent. It helps in a large way to remediate the big issue Web3 was facing currently – establishing and facilitating the powerful feature to communicate between protocols and users. This allows the users to experience first-hand the experience of push notifications, so that they don’t miss out on the latest happenings in the crypto space. This blockchain agnostic, incentivized framework helps building a larger community space, with more to join in future.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platforms were largely missing out on this feature, which gives them an end-to-end space for users to interact with each other, learn about the large crypto market and help serve the huge informational space. EPNS serves as the “communication layer” to empower the end audience to have an end-to-end visibility of the transactions and the new offerings in the market, so that the trust factor and the collaboration is buoyant.

New Features
EPNS helps create channels which allow dapps to send messages or automate alerts based on transactions directly to the Ethereum addresses, so that the lender and liquidator is well informed about the same. The challenge of wallet addresses not receiving any alerts from any Web3 activity is taken care of by EPNS and engages the wallet-to-wallet messaging to enable a seamless user experience.

The best thing about EPNS is that it is content independent – the protocol facilitates complete communication, giving the flexibility to users about what notifications they want to receive and what they don’t. EPNS facilitates decentralised push notifications to support long-term contributors to Web3 projects.

Solving Real Life problems
EPNS is the first, on-chain notification solution to stream all time-sensitive information to a user’s wallet. The protocol is highly customizable to meet different notification needs of varying contributors. This also will help contributors to use the secure EPNS ecosystem to build long-term sustainable communities and help create new ways to reshape the future of work for Web3.

EPNS is looking at a large collaborative space with AAVE, Uniswap, ENS, Polygon, dYdX among others, with dedicated channels for communication distribution. What’s more, EPNS is going ahead with a Push Grants program. When a channel stakes on EPNS, it goes to a combined stake pool, earning interest from AAVE, which is then distributed to all subscriber wallet addresses.

Having an incentivized game theory with a clear incentive structure to encourage more people to use the protocol and subscribe to relevant channels, despite having gas fees, seemed counterintuitive at the beginning. But EPNS turned around the scenario by devising an interesting incentive mechanism by bringing in DeFi to deliver notifications and getting paid too!

Way forward
EPNS sits beautifully to transform the Web 3.0 scenario, resting the power of notifications with the end users themselves, and making it highly customizable. To make sure any notifications service does not become malicious, a Spam Score tracks its behaviour and activates the protocol throttle mechanism to penalise the service.

The content independent nature of EPNS is its ultimate strength – it is infinitely flexible to ensure there are no rules as to what a service can or cannot send with respect to content or type.

The roadmap ahead looks exciting, with a dedicated team working together to develop and market new features and possibilities in the Web 3.0 realm. Times are really looking great for crypto enthusiasts, using the power of EPNS to propel their journey!

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