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Join us for a session on
Designing AI-led solutions for a smarter world
September 8th | 4:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence, or AI is a transforming technology that helps solve complex problems, predict critical issues before they arise and improve decision making; leading to better operational excellence and dollars saved. It opens up tremendous opportunities for organisations in sectors across Healthcare, Aviation, Energy and Manufacturing. AI is at the core of driving business outcomes that let companies stay ahead, reduce risks and boost productivity. In this roundtable, we will explore how AI can accelerate speed, profitability, and digital transformation.

Points of Discussion
  • Current scenario of AI adoption in India
  • AI's role in business growth and the Indian economy.
  • AI-based solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, aviation and energy
  • Challenges in AI adoption
  • Making AI accessible and affordable
  • Scaling AI with responsibility (security)

Time Agenda
4:00 pm Opening note by Moneycontrol Editor-Tech Chandra Srikanth
4:05 pm Fireside chat with Colin Parris, Senior Vice-President & Chief Technology Officer, GE Digital
4:25 pm Context setting and introduction of speakers for panel discussion
4:30 pm Panel discussion on Designing AI-led solutions for a smarter world
5:00 pm Closing remarks
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Building a world that works
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