How to secure a fixed income
from new debt investment avenues
Many fund houses are rushing to launch passive debt funds (Index and ETFs) which come with target maturity. The beauty of these funds is that they are simple roll-down products with no active management thus making it very easy to track and predict the yields and investors do not face volatility if they stay invested till maturity. Join host Sumaira Abidi, on another edition of 'Decoding the world of ETFs', presented by Mirae Asset, in association with Moneycontrol, as she discusses the benefits of investing in low-risk passive debt funds with a panel of industry experts. Register now for this informative webinar, ‘How to secure a fixed income from new debt investment avenues’
Session Highlights
  • The current market size of Debt ETFs and Index Funds and their recent growth
  • Growing popularity of passive funds and advantages over FMP
  • Types of Passive Debt Funds
  • The impact of interest rates on Passive Debt Funds
  • How to include a target maturity product in one’s portfolio?
  • How to choose the right target maturity passive fund?