Demystifying Global Investing
With Passive Products
June 22 2021
Globally, passive products have been garnering more investment flows than active investments. Even in India, index funds and exchange traded funds have become quite popular and the investor universe has been witnessing a steady growth trajectory. A passive investment strategy can help achieve specific goals of the investor like giving a specific exposure to a certain segment of the market and help create an overall robust portfolio. Unlike the developed markets, passive products like ETFs and index funds are still at a nascent stage in India with a definite scope for a deeper understanding and more awareness, especially the ETFs which can give exposure to foreign markets.So, how should one assess risk appetite, liquidity and investment requirements for such foreign passive products?
In this webinar, industry experts will demystify global investment trends with the help of passive products. Stay tuned for more insights on investing in global equity markets through ETFs.
Session Highlights
  • Pros and Cons of passive investing.
  • Building a diversified model portfolio for wealth creation.
  • Asset allocation for investing in passive products.
  • Global exposure – Through which strategy and how much allocation?
  • Global investing as a trend, is it here to stay?