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Current Investment Landscape - Opportunities and Challenges
25th May, 2023 | 5pm

Today investors are spoiled with choices when it comes to investing. Equities, bonds, gold, real estate, and crypto are a few of the many options available for investors. Each asset class has its own nuances and performance. For instance, equities can offer high returns but carry high risks and have seen significant volatility in recent times. Bonds are considered safer but offer lower returns. Gold acts as a hedge against inflation and market volatility. Real estate, specifically commercial real estate, can provide diversification and tax benefits along with long-term wealth generation.
In this webinar we will discuss the nuances of various asset classes, their suitability for different investment goals / investor profiles and the importance of having a diversified portfolio. We will also discuss the relevance of having some amount of exposure to commercial real estate in an investment portfolio, and the different CRE investment avenues available to investors today.

CRE-Edge: Wealth generation through investments in Commercial Real Estate