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Preservation of product efficacy and retaining their shelf life has been one of the biggest challenges in pharmaceutical packaging. CILICANT has been addressing and successfully tackling this problem for over ten years.

Our resilience has made CILICANT one of the most innovative and forward-thinking primary active packaging solution providers in the pharmaceutical industry. Our focus is to provide the safest active packaging solutions to protect the medication till it gets consumed by the patient.

Our mission is to ensure ‘continuous improvement’ by making better products, breakthrough innovations and setting the standards for the future. CILICANT’s groundbreaking products have been proven in their efficacy to protect all types of pharmaceutical formulations from oxidation and moisture damage.

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CILICANT CHEM PRIVATE LIMITED was evangelised in 2011 by Mr. Manish Jain with over two decades of experience in the desiccants chemistry. CILICANT, over the years, has established itself as a leader in active pharmaceutical packaging, offering some of the most superior quality sorbents to protect highly moisture and oxygen-sensitive products from the harmful effects of moisture and oxidation.

Along with quality, CILICANT is also committed to providing its clients effective customer service, the convenience of quick delivery, and reduced transportation-related risks, among others. Visit us at,