Introducing India’s Best Managed Companies Programme

With an aim to redefine business resilience and enable companies to think big, Deloitte presents India’s Best Managed Companies Programme. It is backed by a significant history of close to 30 years and an established framework that has brought value to more than a 1,000 companies in more than 35 countries across the globe.

The Best Managed Companies Programme is a global business leadership awards which shines the spotlight on outstanding organizations by acknowledging their operational efficiency and exceptional performance. Companies undergo a rigorous application process and are judged on core values across four pillars of strategy, capabilities and innovation, governance and finances, culture & commitment. Participating in the awards program is an immersive and enriching process, every step of the way. A dedicated Deloitte coach will offer customized feedback and actionable insights and review the company’s practices by comparing them with global peers. The coaching is an intrinsic component of the application process, so all program entrants can gain valuable insights. So, everyone wins not just the winners.

The winners are selected by a distinguished jury of stalwarts and the winners will be felicitated at a glittering ceremony. The Best Managed Companies title is a coveted one, a global mark of excellence and the ever-growing BMC community offers rich networking opportunities with global business leaders. This year’s BMCs will have the distinction of being India’s first Best Managed Companies and will raise the bar for the coming years.

The programme recognizes teams who have pivoted their businesses to growth with strong leadership and organizational excellence. Get a chance to interact with some of the brightest minds, rising entrepreneurs, and potential game-changers of tomorrow. Gain from their insights on strategy, capability, commitment, financials, and more. Join us, on 17 Sept.2021 at 12 pm, to draw inspiration from the best of the best… to witness what it means to truly “lead the way”.