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Shout out to all- Poker enthusiasts, investors, brokers, entrepreneurs, corporates, here’s your chance to make an extra Rs 25 Lakh, FOR FREE. Spartan Poker presents Moneycontrol Poker for People (PFP) - India’s first online and offline, one-of-its-kind-poker tournament where you can win Rs 25 lakh without depositing any money. All you have to do is register yourself on PFP site , play an online tournament at your convenience , secure your seat for live game which will be held in Mumbai. If you live outside of Mumbai and make it to the main event by qualifying in online tournament, then your flight tickets will be on us.

Tournament Schedule

4-March Wednesday 10pm Qualifier 1 Top 20 qualify
5-March Thursday 10pm Qualifier 2 Top 20 qualify
6-March Friday 10pm Qualifier 3 Top 20 qualify
7-March Saturday 8pm Qualifier 4 Top 20 qualify
8-March Sunday 8pm Qualifier 5 Top 20 qualify
9-March Monday 10pm Qualifier 6 Top 20 qualify
10-March Tuesday 10pm Qualifier 7 Top 20 qualify
11-March Wednesday 10pm Qualifier 8 Top 20 qualify
12-March Thursday 10pm Qualifier 9 Top 20 qualify
13-March Friday 10pm Qualifier 10 Top 20 qualify
14-March Saturday 8pm Qualifier 11 Top 20 qualify
15-March Sunday 8pm Qualifier 12 Top 20 qualify
16-March Monday 10pm Qualifier 13 Top 20 qualify
17-March Tuesday 10pm Qualifier 14 Top 20 qualify
18-March Wednesday 10pm Qualifier 15 Top 20 qualify
19-March Thursday 10pm Qualifier 16 Top 20 qualify
TBA TBA TBA Finale Finalists


  • Top 20 players from each qualifier will get guaranteed seats at PFP main event.
  • Each qualifier will be a freeze out tournament, which means you will only get 1 chance in each tournament. If you bust out, you will not be able to rebuy in.
  • A total of 320 players will qualify for the Poker for People 25 L GTD Main Event.
  • Main event to be played amongst all the qualifiers in Mumbai. 25 lakhs to be distributed amongst top 12-15% of the players playing the finale. Detailed payout structure to be released soon.
  • Travel expenses will be borne by Moneycontrol.
  • Terms & Conditions for Main Event: To be announced soon