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  • Mr. Ajay Bagga

    Mr. Ajay Bagga

    Executive Chairman, OPC Asset Solutions
  • Mr. Vikram Limaye

    Mr. Vikram Limaye

    MD, NSE
  • Mr. Vishal Dhawan

    Mr. Vishal Dhawan

    Founder & CEO, Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors
  • Mr. Santosh Nair

    Mr. Santosh Nair

    Editor, Moneycontrol



    As of November 2017, market capitalisation of companies listed on NSE was USD 2.2 trillion.


    NSE is Number 1 in index options and currency options on World Federation of Exchanges Ranking.


    NSE is Number 2 in stocks futures and currency futures on World Federation of Exchanges Ranking.


    NSE powers 99% of India's equity derivatives transactions.


    8.8 lakh investors transacted through mobile-based platforms on NSE.


    Transactions by retail in equity markets at NSE stood at Rs 41 lakh crore in 2016-17, registering 30% growth from the previous year.

  • ETF

    India has the world's second-fastest growing ETF market, behind Japan, with assets more than doubling to USD 4 billion from USD 1.9 billion in the past three years.


    An average Indian household holds 84% of its wealth in real estate and other physical goods, 11% in gold and the rest 5% in financial assets like deposits and savings accounts, publicly traded shares, mutual funds, life insurance and retirement accounts.


    Households in advanced nations such as Australia and the UK put larger share of their wealth in retirement assets at 23% and 25% respectively.


    The most expensive stock in world is the Warren Buffet's Hathaway, Class A, which is priced at USD 2,13,330 per share. The reason for such a high price is that the company doesn't splits the shares.


    The oldest stock exchange in the world is Amsterdam Stock Exchange, which was established in 1602 by Dutch East India Company dealing with the printed stocks and bonds.


    Indian households held Rs 9,80,000 crore in mutual funds by July 2017, a year-on-year increase of 40%. Households accounted for 48% of all mutual fund assets, 3% more than a year ago.

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NSE presents 'India Talks Investing', in association with Moneycontrol, a knowledge hub that will inform and educate people across all age groups about saving and investing money. The one-stop investment information centre will help investors attain their financial goals by informing them about several investing instruments for a secure and wealthy future. As you work hard to make money, let your money work harder.