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Exclusive Session

Options Trading Simplified

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Introduction to
Changing the way India trades

Session Highlights

  • Common Myths About Option Trading
  • Why 2020 could be an Important Year for Option Traders
  • How can Novices get started in Option Trading
  • Options - Your key to convert small capital into big capital
  • Technical Analysis and Options
  • Option Trading as a Regular Source of Income


Sakshi Batra
Sakshi Batra
News Anchor, Moneycontrol


Vishal B Malkan
Vishal B Malkan
Co-founder, malkansview


Time Agenda
03:45-04:00PM Registration. For invitees and other audience
04:00-04:05AM Opening Note by Moneycontrol news anchor, Sakshi Batra
04:05-04:50PM Presentation by Vishal B Malkan, Co-founder, Malkansview on Option Trading simplified
04:50-04:55PM Ad Break
04:55-05:25PM One on One discussion between Sakshi Batra & Vishal Malkan
05:25-05:30PM Ad Break


VISHAL is one of the top coaches in the areas of stock trading and personal transformation. Venturing into this journey at the young age of 16, he experienced the thick and thins of the stock market before achieving success as a trader.

During the 22 years of his trading career he learnt various theories, approaches and concepts only to realize that it need not be this complex. He has made it a personal mission to help a common man understand and trade the stock markets with the help of systems so simple that even a 10-year old child can understand them.

Vishal’s passion and natural leadership skills have helped propel him into a successful trainer, coach and a role model.


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