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LenovoSmarter technology for all
6th Nov, 3:30 PM onwards
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Smarter India

Whether it’s helping fight climate change with a supercomputer, destroying cancer with precise real-time feedback in the operating room or feeding future generations through AI, we’re building smarter solutions for things that matter.

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    Lenovo explores a Smarter India through technology disruption in the financial sector

    With a sizeable presence both in India and globally, an expanding portfolio of smart devices and a growing stack of smart infrastructure, Lenovo has crafted a new vision for itself. The company looks forward to playing a much larger role in the technology ecosystem with smart solutions that solve...

  • Featured Article

    Lenovo’s mission of Smart Education for a Smarter India

    Technology can play a critical role in revolutionizing the education sector in India by ensuring that learning becomes more immersive, engaging and impactful and the reach of quality education is extended to include marginalized students across the length and breadth of the country.