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An open letter from a father to his son who just got married

Dear Son,

Marriage is the most beautiful thing, and I am delighted to see you embark on this beautiful journey with Meeta. She’s a wonderful girl, and I am sure you’ll support her in every phase of life. I remember you telling me how you wanted your married life similar to what your mom and I have. Always remember that the key to a happy marriage is to have love, respect and understanding for each other. It’s a lifetime of commitment towards each other in all aspects - emotional, mental and financial strength.

When we started our married life, we lived in a small apartment and gradually, we grew and bought a new house, a car, made our dreams come true and now, after fulfilling all our responsibilities we look forward to our retirement life. All of this was possible with right and persistent financial planning. It took a committed financial effort to make our dreams a reality.

As you embark on this new journey, it’s time for you to understand the importance of financial planning. Here are a few life lessons that will help you and Meeta become financially secure.

Invest in your future: I know both of you would like to enjoy this new beginning by travelling and exploring new places etc., but it is also important for both of you to think about your future. Invest a part of your income in various wealth creation plans. These plans will not only help you in achieving your dreams like travelling but also help you in fulfilling goals like buying a car, a bigger house etc. especially as your family grows.

Financial security: I still remember the financial wisdom your grandfather passed on to me when I got married. Now, when you are stepping into this new phase of life, it is important that you provide each other with a comfortable and financially secured life. Here is where a term insurance plan should become the foundation of your financial planning. While you are providing the best of comforts like a house and car, all of this comes with loans & liabilities. With such responsibilities, it becomes even more important for you to provide each other with a financially secured future. Hence, a term plan will help you in securing the assets for your family. Marriage is a commitment and you must fulfil your responsibilities towards it no matter what. Always ensure to give your wife a happy and financially secure life; this is the most selfless act you can do as a husband.

I hope that you will keep these life lessons in mind and make informed decisions. I can already see you as being a great partner for life and make sure that you always give your hundred percent in this marriage. So, take a step into this alliance with love, growth and financial security. If in case you ever feel the need to share and ask for anything don’t hesitate. We will always support you in every phase of life.

Wishing you all the best in this journey.




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