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clean energy

8 reasons why clean energy is important

India finds itself in a comfortable boat. As of July 31, 2019, renewable energy sources accounted for 22% of the total power capacity.

Global operations and energy usage norms are not on track to meet international climate goals for sustainable development. With rising demands and diminishing resource pools, the importance of clean (or renewable) energy has increased multiple folds.


India finds itself in a comfortable boat. As of July 31, 2019, renewable energy sources accounted for 22% of the total power capacity. In fact, India remains the 4th largest wind power producer in the world. The rise is in line with global trends where the share of renewable energy in total energy generation grew to more than 33% in 2018.


The primary reasons that make renewable energy important are:

  • Inexhaustible Resource: Unlike conventional energy sources, renewable replenish naturally. This makes them inexhaustible, hence the word ‘renewable’.

  • Reduction in Dependency: The security of energy supply is not compromised as they are no longer tied too closely with political and economic goals. Their abundant nature makes it difficult for humans to tie them with incentive-driven frameworks.

  • Cost Reduction: Wind and solar-powered energy devices can drastically reduce the cost of production. Costs are further reduced with economies of scale and innovation for greater sustenance.

  • Favourable Political Horizon: With rampant international support, governments around the world are rooting for a sustainable future. The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of the economy.

  • Lesser Global Warming: Human activities are dumping copious amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They act as a blanket, trapping the heat inside and increasing the average temperature of the planet. Such emissions are minimal in the case of renewable energy sources throughout the entire lifecycle of production.

  • Better Public Health: Water and air pollution are constantly linked to diseases such as breathing issues, neurological damages, heart attacks, cancer, and even premature deaths. In comparison, wind, solar, and hydroelectric systems are cleaner with a negligible impact on health.

Jobs and Economic Benefits: Renewable energy industry is more labour-intensive in terms of installation, operation, and maintenance. It can thus generate more jobs than current sources.

  • Stable Energy Prices: At standardized and affordable rates, prices tend to remain stable. In fact, the costs of investments have fallen between 70% between 2010 and 2017, further adding to price stability.


Clean Energy Makes Sense


The shift to clean energy makes logical sense, mainly because there is no other option left. Either we will be forced to move to fossil fuels on our own terms or due to the need of the hour. But the shift remains inevitable.



(Image: Reuters)