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environment Urban projects, human settlements close in on Mumbai’s bird habitats

The citizen science website for birders, ebird.org, lists about 52 birding hotspots in Mumbai. Many of these are lesser-known and already being

business Spotty report card on climate for top asset managers

The 2015 climate treaty enjoins nations to cap global warming at "well below" two degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, and 1.5C if

environment From macaques to crabs, wildlife faces threat from face masks

Single-use surgical masks have been found scattered around pavements, waterways and beaches worldwide since countries began mandating their use in

environment 'Corals are being cooked': A third of Taiwan's reefs are dying

An investigation conducted last year in 62 locations around the island by the Taiwan Coral Bleaching Observation Network (TCBON) showed bleaching had

environment Forest loss 'hotspots' bigger than Germany: World Wide Fund

Swathes of forest continue to be flattened each year -- mainly due to industrial-scale agriculture -- as biodiversity-rich areas are cleared to

current affairs Will the latest sloth bear corridor in Mount Abu serve its purpose?

Mount Abu is the only hill station between Rajasthan and Gujarat in southern Aravalli, India’s oldest fold mountain range. Rising from 300 metres

current affairs Saving the last remaining grassland habitat in Bengaluru region

The Hesaraghatta lakebed in Karnataka spans an area of about 1912 acres. The 356 acres of grassland surrounding the lakebed is the last remaining

current affairs India records increase in leopard population but real number could be much more

The national estimation of 12,852 leopards is 60 percent higher than the 2014 estimation of 7,910. Of the 12,852 leopards, Madhya Pradesh tops the

environment How India’s third longest road tunnel project could destabilise a crucial portion of Western Ghats

The road tunnel, reported to be India’s third longest tunnel when built, is considered a dream project of Kerala’s Left Democratic Front (LDF)

business Indian government plans a green city in every state

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on December 3 unveiled a concept note stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi desires one city in each

environment Mapping snakes in Uttarakhand for safer coexistence with humans

The Uttarakhand forest department is undertaking the mapping exercise as part of its community-based human-snake conflict mitigation project in the

environment Goa’s iron ore mining stuck at a crossroad

In early 2018, the apex court had quashed 88 mining leases for violation of mining procedures and asked the state government to issue fresh leases

current affairs Elephant deaths highlight struggle between wildlife conservation and development in Uttarakhand

Environmentalists attribute the state government’s silence over the death of more than 170 elephants in Uttarakhand in the past five years to the

construction Looking at the past, present and future of natural building in India

Despite the odds against it, mud may yet make a comeback. India’s housing shortage and the critical need to reduce carbon emissions are prompting

dehi forest cover The cost of urbanisation in Delhi

Delhi’s forest cover has reduced by half from 1998 to 2018, according to a study, which recommends the establishment of conservation zones within

10 inch tablets india City of blinding lights: Artificial light disturbs nature’s processes in Bengaluru

In India, light pollution is a poorly-studied area. Bengaluru features high on light pollution among Indian cities.

bauxite mining Bauxite mining threatens India’s lone wolf sanctuary and an interstate river

Spread over an area of 63.256 square kilometres and about 194 km from Ranchi, the sanctuary is in the Latehar district of Jharkhand. In addition to

ariports Golden jackals make airports their homes

Large tracts of unused and undeveloped land that act as safety buffers around aerodromes attract wildlife as habitats shrink.

coast erosion Eastern Indian coast erodes faster with rise in human activity

Villages on the east coast of India have been impacted by erosion by the sea over the last few years, with some of them being completely engulfed by

current affairs Gharials bounce back in Punjab but the real test is breeding

Under Project Crocodile initiated in 1975 by the Government of India, 47 gharials brought from Morena captive breeding centre in Madhya Pradesh were

current affairs People power to clean up Pune river, bit by bit

Starting in 2017, three volunteers of NGO Jeevitnadi would get together each week to clean small stretches of the Mutha river. Over the years, it has

current affairs Removing forest dwellers from areas to protect biodiversity costs more than involving them: report

A latest report has highlighted that over Rs 50 trillion – nearly one-fourth of India’s annual GDP – is the cost of resettling tribal people

current affairs Navi Mumbai couple fights to save a bird haven from becoming a golf course

Navi Mumbai's wetlands are under threat from proposed construction for residential and other infrastructure projects. One example is a movement to

current affairs Fragmented Kaziranga corridors lead to unusual concentration of animals

There is no buffer zone in the Kaziranga National Park and animals historically have used the adjoining forests and highlands as a refuge from time