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smart development Water Governance: Blueprint To Tackle Water crisis

Toshiba Water Solutions provides a complete one-stop solution from design and engineering to construction, installation, operation and maintenance of

environment The woman who breaks stereotypes while rescuing wildlife in Kashmir

Aaliya Mir, who was at the forefront of the successful rescue operation, has so far rescued dozens of animals which include snakes, bears, birds, and

environment A community-created mangrove forest protects a village from eroding away

Along the periphery of Bhitarkanika lies the village of Badakot, which is vulnerable to natural disasters and highly prone to erosion from the

environment Odisha forest officer gets UN Award for environment enforcement, gender leadership

Between August 2019 and April 2020, Sasmita Lenka’s team detained some 28 persons and seized three live Indian pangolins, one dead pangolin and 5

environment When an army of women came together to revive a river

Located upstream of the Naganadhi river that had dried up decades ago, every summer had the residents of Salamanatham village in Kaniyambadi block in

india Eating shark meat might be normal in India but it could have an adverse impact

The initial finding of a survey conducted by InSeason Fish, a Chennai-based collective that raises awareness about seafood sustainability, which is

clean energy India’s mining reforms juggernaut continues despite concerns

Continuing with its ‘mining reforms’, the Union Ministry of Mines, earlier this month, unveiled a new set of amendments to give a push to mining

environment Grassland burning, clearing imperils birds of Brahmaputra’s river islands

Farms of potatoes, peas, and leafy vegetables greet visitors in winter. Earlier one couldn’t navigate the chapori due to rich grasslands but now

environment Three new leafhopper species described in India

Leafhoppers are small, slender, sap-sucking insects whose hind legs are adapted for jumping. They belong to a diverse family called Cicadellidae and

environment Septuagenarian ensures Kole’s wetland status remains intact through farming

Kole, is one of the largest brackish, humid tropical wetland ecosystem on the southwest coast of India. Spread over 136.4 square km across the

environment Alcohol bottle waste: A transparent problem in Goa’s beaches

A 2017 study by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute surveyed 254 beaches on India’s coastline (including the peninsula and the islands)

smart development India disaster highlights pressure on Asia's great rivers

Asia is home to some of the world's biggest waterways, from the Ganges and the Indus in India to the Yangtze and Mekong originating in China, that

narmada Ecological degradation at Narmada’s origin in Amarkantak spells more trouble

As many as five check dams/barrages built on the first three km at the Narmada river’s origin at Amarkantak are restricting its ecological flow.

climate change Human activity threatens species survival: Study

According to the United Nations' biodiversity panel, more than three quarters of land and 40 percent of Earth's oceans have already been 'severely

smart development An elephant corridor raises conflict in the Nilgiris

The Sigur Elephant Corridor, the only one of its kind connecting Western and the Eastern Ghats and facilitating easy movement of about 6,300 Asiatic

clean energy Lack of alternatives force women back to work in stone mines, which are health hazards

Many approach bodies such as the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) but the wheels of justice are slow to move.

mining reforms India’s mining reforms ignore mining-affected communities

The mining reforms, cleared by the government, are expected to increase participation of the private sector in mineral exploration, move towards

food and forest Explained | What are wetlands and why do we need to protect them?

Around 4.63 percent of the geographical area of India are wetlands. A total of 757,060 wetlands have been mapped in the country. These ecosystems are

clean tech Government survey paints a different picture of Ujjwala scheme claims

PMUY, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, became a flagship programme of the NDA government and is credited to help the party in several key

climate change Earth is losing ice faster today than in the mid-1990s, study suggests

Altogether, an estimated 28 trillion metric tons of ice have melted away from the world’s sea ice, ice sheets and glaciers since the mid-1990s.