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climate Climate change hits home as increasing heat wave days scorch India

The number of heat wave days are persistently increasing in India in the past few decades, according to an ongoing India Meteorological Department

biodiversity Himalayan medicinal plants under threat due to climate change

Medicinal plants in the Himalayas are under threat due to climate change. The findings call for reorienting conservation strategies. The new

climate Can carbon-positive villages pave the way for climate resilience?

A study on carbon positive villages in India bats for building the capacities of communities and establishing institutions in villages to scale up

achanakmar tiger reserve Two tiger reserves, two different stories of resettlement

In 2009, as the creation of the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve was announced, an area of 914 square kilometres (sq km) was earmarked. Of this, 875 sq km

indian renewable energy development agency ireda Solar mini-grids fuel women-led enterprises in Jharkhand’s Gumla district

Jharkhand’s Gumla district is among the most backward districts of the state as per government classification. About 69 percent of the district’s

chattisgarh Chhattisgarh forest fires continue while forest staff remain on strike

Chhattisgarh’s forest department officials say they are resorting to traditional methods to control fires as new equipment such as blowers have not

evaporation Explainer| What are urban heat islands?

The term ‘urban heat island’, however, is thought to have been coined as ‘städtischen Wärmeinsel’ in 1929 by the German meteorologist

tamil nadu The wind farm paradox in southern Tamil Nadu

Over three decades, a lot has changed in this region of the southern Indian coastal state, which accounts for about 25 percent of India’s total

alternative energy Delays and glitches mar Uttarakhand’s solar self-employment scheme

The Uttarakhand government started the ambitious scheme in September 2020 when migrant workers and youth were returning to the state due to COVID-19

biodiversity Sweet pineapples and a variety of trees nurture each other in this patchwork plantation

The pineapple agroforestry system (PAFS) also needs more multipurpose tree species for better structure, diversity and composition for desired

biodiversity Keeping alive a mangrove conservationist’s legacy to protect Kerala coast

According to P Sujanapal, a scientist with Kerala Forest Research Institute, Kerala’s mangrove cover has severely disintegrated in the last four

elephants Yes, No or Maybe: Fate of Hasdeo Arand forest back in limbo

The study warned that infrastructure development and mining will cause fragmentation and have a negative impact on quality habitat available.

clean tech For net-zero by 2050, India needs 2.5 percent of its land for clean energy installation

India has ambitious energy transition targets to push for large scale adoption of clean energy.

environment A to Z guide to Bengaluru’s lakes

Environmental activists argue that instead of solely focusing on the superficial beautification of water bodies, the plan should be to restore them

agriculture Artificial nests for barn owls help farmers befriend these natural rodent killers

In an initiative in Assam, agricultural scientists are helping farmers in the state to conserve and increase the number of barn owls with the help of

ecosystem services Commentary: Forests, ecosystem services and humans

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, about 150 wild plant species, which are essential for many rural subsistence households, are

101 reporters Rajasthan’s sacred groves are under threat from rampant green development

The sacred groves or orans, preserved for centuries by the villagers of Rajasthan, have started coming under attack from encroachers and