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How blockchain, AI, IoT and automation changing the way businesses are conducted

How blockchain, AI, IoT and automation changing the way businesses are conducted

From strategy to execution, organisations are using advanced technologies to change their approach and transform into Cognitive Enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analysis, blockchain, IoT and automation will be used to make data-led financial decisions, innovate, expand footprint, upgrade operations and provide a hassle-free experience to customers, partners and investors.

Here’s how:

  1. Blockchain: Blockchain can help companies to enhance customer experience, deliver on the brand promise, build reputation, trace provenance of data, enhance supply chain and eliminate the fear of sensitive data being compromised.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: This cognitive technology can revolutionise the way companies operate, manage data, and take decisions. It is capable to handling human resources, sales and marketing, business process and customer care.
  3. Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is re-inventing the businesses of today. As things (machines, devices, processes, etc.) are getting connected at a rapid pace, IoT opens up huge opportunities for companies to create new business lines, improve customer experience, and enhance efficiency. With IoT, companies can respond in real-time to issues and requests.
  4. Automation: Automation helps companies to simplify complex repetitive tasks, improve product delivery, and create strong overall customer experience. It frees employees from routine and monotonous tasks, drive efficiency, reduces costs and increases competitiveness.

Companies can leverage these technologies in every part of the value chain and embrace an ecosystem that can make way for greater collaboration, build sophisticated products in tandem with next-generation needs. Schedule a consultation with an IBM Expert to work on implementing these at your organization!